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Amish Electric Fireplace Designs

Fireplace designs for the modern electric fireplace are diverse. They run the gamut from very traditional to very modern. In the traditional end of the spectrum, a popular style has been the Amish design of electric fireplace designs.

Now, it’s important to note that there has been some controversy over the authenticity of fireplace designs attributed to the Amish. While there is a long history of high-quality woodworking in many Amish communities, there is some speculation as to whether people who rely on only the simplest technology (generally not including electronics) would in fact manufacture fireplace designs specific to electric fireplaces. So keep that in mind if the Amish authenticity of electric fireplace designs is part of your buying criteria.  

However, one thing that cannot be disputed is the pure and simple appeal of these Amish fireplace designs. Simple and straightforward, generally with a solid wood enclosure that is beautifully finished, Amish fireplace design adds a timeless dimension to the electric fireplace design marketplace.

The most direct appeal of any fireplace is, of course, the fire itself. With flame settings, heat settings, and a setting for both (the heat is created by a small heater and pushed out with what is essentially a fan), these fireplace provide much of the warmth and ambience of their traditional, wood-burning counterparts, without all the hassle.

And in the case of Amish fireplace design, the simple beauty of strong, solid wood that is well-finished, well assembled, and beautifully carved can simply not be beat. This combination of timeless wood with warming flame and glowing logs is a treasure of an addition to any home. It is especially appealing to those who already have fine woodwork in their home, such as Amish made tables and chairs.

Whether for your living room, reading room, or even a master suite, an Amish-designed electric fireplace design adds timeless and reliable charm that will be a comfort for years.


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