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Quick Fireplace Design Makeover! Want a fireplace design makeover done quickly!

After being away from your home a lot during the summer, either on vacation, going to a lot of kid’s outdoor sports activities or away for a few weekends, when you return to your indoor living space, you may see opportunities to spruce up your living room or family room. The fireplace is usually the focal point in many of these rooms. The fireplace is one of the best starting points for a room design makeover.

Over the years, fireplaces slowly age in style, with some fireplaces they get an out dated look, lose their design style attractiveness and incur some damaged. Most people will tend to defer on a fireplace makeover, primarily due to the cost, time and effort it can take. Maybe wait until they do a house renovation or large decoration project, get the mess over all a one time.

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Is there a middle ground for a fireplace design? Is it worth the investment which otherwise can add up to thousands of dollars? Surprisingly, redecorating your fireplace versus rebuilding your fireplace does not require as much money or effort. It really depends on how you approach your fireplace design makeover. The best fireplace design tip that we can pass along, which will keep your costs down, is to use the fireplace you have.

Painting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve the appearance of your fireplace. Fill a few holes with plastic wood, some painters caulking to smooth out open wood cracks, highly recommended, sand the surfaces smooth and paint. Little paint makeover up can easily hide any water damaged finishes, dents or scratches that your fireplace has incurred over the years. A new shinny gloss finished mantel with a few new trendy glass accessories and some fresh flowers can restore your tired fireplace back to the room’s focal point that it once was.

Painting any real stone facing or stone mantle should be thought out carefully. Most people cringe at the idea of destroying a natural stone finish. Once painted it is very hard to return stone back to its natural beauty. Brick is in the same general “no paint” category. But let’s face it, it is your fireplace. If the bricks are damaged or so dated, outside of replacing them, then painting over the facing may be your best makeover move.

From a room presentation point of view, your fireplace facing material represents the largest surface area of your fireplace. You are going to be hard pressed to do something with the facing material to achieve a significant design change. Getting down to replacing the stone facing is a more costly endeavor. So as an alternate if you have brick or a stone facade, consider doing a chemical cleaning of your existing stone. It is a fast cost efficient way to revitalize dirty, soiled or sooty fireplace hearth face.

Get artistic with paint and work in some neat looking accessory design pieces to change the image of your fireplace. Paint and cleaning will be the fastest ways to achieve your quick fireplace design makeover. Make sure that the paint or materials you are using near the hearth are flame and heat resistant. You don’t want something to catch fire and endanger the whole house. .

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