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Napoleon Fireplaces

Napoleon Fireplace manufacturer is a leading supplier of electric and gas fireplaces.

Buying a Napoleon fireplace is easier when you know what you are searching for and one can zero in on just the right kind of fireplace for your home.

Napoleon Fireplace provide great variety of fireplace designs so you can get the right style and size of fireplace for your room situation. You will discover below four innovative fireplace designs that are amazing and unique.

Napoleon Fireplace BGNV42 Natural Vent Fireplace

Love a natural vent fireplace that is large and has a discreet on and off switch. This fireplace features an adjustable heat and flame level so that you will always be comfortable.

You have an easy to reach on and off switch as well. This natural vent Napoleon Fireplace can be used with natural gas or using a propane unit. The huge viewing area is the best feature of this fireplace. It is 22”X 38 5/8”. The glass covering the unit does radiate a nice amount of heat that can quickly warm the room it's placed inside.

Napoleon Fireplace Torch™ GT8 Direct Vent Fireplace

When it comes to the need for a single slim flame this is the best design for you. Because this Napoleon Fireplace is a direct vent it is best for new construction projects as well as renovation type projects.

The Torch GT8 features a shallow firebox that can be placed effortlessly into the wall of any room in a home or office. Because of it's slim design it is best for bathrooms and small offices as well as kitchens. You get to choose if you prefer the fire place to work with natural gas or with a propane unit. It also has the benefit of the gas system being turned off automatically without giving you any kind of stress.

Napoleon Fireplace BGD90 Dream™ Direct Vent Fireplace

Finding a direct vent fireplace you of course want one that is both functional and eye catching. This direct vent fireplace is considered to have the biggest viewing area in the industry; 16sq ft of pure viewing area. It's perfectly amazing to see the yellow dancing flames that the double burner system features

Napoleon Fireplace has an added bonus the fire place has a safe guard system that will quickly shut off the gas supply automatically. This will keep your home and your family safe from all kinds of harm. The controls of this direct vent Napoleon Fireplace is hidden from view making it safe for a home with children. You also have a choice between natural gas or even using a propane unit.

Napoleon Fireplace EF39HD Electric Fireplace

This Napoleon Fireplace is truly unique and one of kind. It is electric and hangs in the wall of your home like a piece of moving art that provides you with a lot of heat. This electric fireplace works with a standard electrical outlet and can really transform your office, business or home into a retreat fit for royalty.

This Napoleon fire place is made to be placed in an eye level location such as above your couch or even under a flat screen TV. It can also be placed in your bedroom close to some other kind of artwork. It is light weight and has an easy to find off and on switch that is out of reach from smaller children.

Napoleon Fireplace have innovative fireplace designs option that are amazing and unique worth considering.