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Fireplace Design News

Fireplaces Wanted!

LA Times reports that half of all homes in the US have a fireplace or a freestanding stove. Interesting fact, fireplaces are on the top three features people want as as home buyers as indicated by the National Association of Home Builders.

Noted that wood fireplaces can be inefficient with up to 90 percent of the fire's heat going out the chimney. Fireplace Design News at Fireplace Design LA

Wood Fireplace Design Photo

Wood Fireplace Design Safety

Forest Ranger David Poole reported there were “a string of wood heater and fireplace ashes disposal fires. With dry windy conditions he reminds people to dispose of ashes properly.

The North Carolina Division of Forest Resources (NCDFR) reports that every winter, wood heater and fireplace ashes are responsible for many woods fires and house fires, fires which often start several days after the ashes have been thrown out.

A bucket of ashes can hold hot embers for several days, so double check the ashes before throwing them away to make sure they will not start a fire. Fireplace and wood stove tips on ash disposal will help prevent wildfires and house fires.

• DO throw fireplace ashes away in a metal container or bury them in mineral soil in your garden (organic soils, such as peat, can catch fire).

• DON’T put ashes in a paper bag, box or any other flammable container, and NEVER store ashes in your garage or on your deck or in a wooded area.

Good Fireplace Safety to reduce fire risk in your home, one can contact your local fire department. Fireplace Design News at Fireplace Design Safety

Modern Fireplace Design

Cave man fireplace design no more. No frosty nights pulling a Sabre tooth tiger skin around you deep in the cave with the biggest logs you could find on the fire.

Modern designs are tailored more now to suit the modern home buyer. With fireplace features such as programmable thermostats .. pellet fireplaces .. ethanol fireplaces that hang flush on the wall .. no cloud of smoke .. no vents ..

Fireplace Design News at Modern Fireplace Design

Fireplace Design Fire Bowls

Fire bowls. Stunning wow factor fireplace design. A designer's interpretation creating fireplace art. Out of reach for most. Inspiring use of fire in architecture!

These ultra modern fireplace designs, in the "firebowl or fire" categories are designed for the high end residence, hotel lobbies, high end restaurants or commercial office foyer ..

Fireplace Design News at Ultra Modern Fireplace Design

Fireplace Design Tips

Ten tips and tricks assembled from Home & Garden Television by the CourierExpress

Use dramatic fireplace surround, say glamorous black slate stay away from ceramic tile and top off with an elegant wood mantel.

Try a large mirror over the fireplace to reflect the decorative surroundings.

Pass on the traditional fireplace mantel and do a sleek stone design straight up to the ceiling.

Fireplace Design News at Fireplace Design Tips

Fireplace Designs Solus Decor

Hand-crafted original designed fireplace surrounds, mantels and contemporary firepits. Modern designs all created out of high performance concrete, North America made, Solus fireplace products are installed in the finest homes, restaurants, commercial interiors and resorts around North America, the Caribbean and Australia. Solus are experts at design solutions for fire features outdoor fire pits, corner fireplaces, fireplaces with flat screen televisions above or covers dated fireplaces ..

Fireplace Design News at Solus Decor Fireplace Design

Historic Fireplace Design

Restorations uncover stately main floor fireplace at the CPR, Canadian Pacific Railway, Steamship building. The elegent fireplace design has a mantel that is six feet tall with the initials CPR. Fireplace image found in "more images' section of the restoration"

Fireplace Design News at Historic Fireplace Design

Fireplace News, 7 Fireplace Design Pictures

Fireplace in any house will be a precious selling feature. Fireplaces keeps one warm and is a prime architectural design element. View seven simple fireplace renovation ideas to bring the best out of your fireplace. Wood surrounds .. built-in fireplaces .. fireplace designs with rustic charm"

Fireplace Design News at Fireplace News - Fireplace Pictures

Fireplace News, Outdoor Fireplace Trends

Integrating outdoor living into home design is predicted by home and gardening experts as a design trend that will grow in popularity.

Homeowners are expanding interior designed sanctuaries into exterior living spaces with outdoor designs with all-weather furniture, LED landscape lighting to outdoor firepits, gas fireplaces, gazebos and outdoor kitchens.

Fireplace Design Resources: Outdoor Gas Fireplaces | Gazebo Plans | Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Fireplace News, Trendy Outdoor Fireplaces

Integrating outdoor living into interior design is a theme that is hot at Restoration Hardware. Dropped by my local store to see any new fireplace and firepit trends. Yes, new firplace tables and fire bowl designs.

Restoration Hardware's all-weather grey patina wicker with premium weathered teak tables definitely appeals to one design eye. Restoration Hardware high end designs, include propane fired coffee table layouts and gel flame accent pieces to wow your outdoor living space. Hardest part is choosing the design ideas as there are so many design options with new trends in outdoor furniture, fireplace design and outdoor lighting ideas.

Fireplace Design Resource: Outdoor Fireplaces & Bowls

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