Radiant Floor Heating

Buying Radiant Floor Heating - Radiant Heating Your Floors!

Radiant heated floors may be what you need! Are you living in a home with an inefficient heating system? Do you have to deal with dust and other allergens coming out of the ductwork and circulating in your rooms? Do you get annoyed by the noise your vents make when your heater is turned on? If you answered yes to these questions, you may have to think about changing your system.

If there is one home heating system that is most comfortable to use, it should be the radiant floor heating type. This one is energy efficient and does not take up space in the house because its hidden beneath your floor or behind your walls and ceiling. Using this will save you costs and at the same time provide you and your family a comfortable place to live in.

A radiant floor heating system has several more advantages compared to the other types. One is that it provides even heat to your home coming from the floor going upwards. Another thing is that it does not make any noise when turned on so you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and a sound sleep with your loved ones all throughout the night. And since it is environment friendly, it produces less carbon emissions. For this type of heating system, you have choices. You can opt for a hydronic radiant floor heat system or for an electric radiant heat type.

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

The hydronic system using a loop of tubing buried underneath the floor. This works by heating water in a boiler which then pumps the hot water through the tubing to heat the entire floor area of the house. In this case, you can comfortably walk around your floor without getting cold feet during winter time.

For this type, it is recommended to choose the polyethylene tubing. This kind of plastic tubing does not corrode and leak which make them durable for underground work. You may also look for one with an outdoor reset control that will allow you to control the amount of water flowing through the tubing.

Its best to consult a certified heating contractor before installing this because of the various components involved. In addition, the materials may need to be sourced from several suppliers.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating

This type requires electric wires installed in a loop style beneath the floor. The wires or cables are usually molded with plastic materials and are attached to the sub-floor by nails, screws or glue. There are also readily available wire mats you can buy that can be placed easily on the floor.

Once embedded, homeowners can cover them with tile, stone or hardwood flooring. Thermal radiation is then emitted underneath rising upwards. As it moves up, radiant heat warms up objects and people which in turn radiate the heat towards others.

A great thing about radiant heating systems is that they are capable of making the temperature in the room constant all the time unlike in the traditional forced-air system. And even if this is so, you and the others inside the home can get the warmth you so desire.